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Floris Panayides



Floris Panayides has a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree (Honours) from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York, and a Science Master’s in Architecture Studies from M.I.T. in Cambridge Massachusetts in the USA.

After his graduation in 1988 he worked for a two-year period with an offshore architecture firm, involved in the design and inspection of large scale projects.

In 1990 he co-founded with Aida Spinazzola, their private practice, Panayides – Spinazzola Architects, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Further to his responsibilities at the office, Floris regularly serves as a jury member in architectural competitions, a critic for academic work and a representative of the Cyprus Architecture Association and Cyprus Technical Chamber in various committees. Floris has also served as Vice President of the Cyprus Architecture Association.


Aida Rosa Spinazzola



Aida Spinazzola was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires and continued her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, where she received a Science Master's in Architecture Studies in 1988.

Aida spent two years as project architect with an offshore architecture practice where she was involved in the design of large scale projects. In 1990 she co-founded with Floris Panayides their private practice, Panayides - Spinazzola Architects in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Registered member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) and Sociedad Central de Arquitectos in Argentina.


Constantina Agroti



Constantina Agroti holds a diploma in architecture from University of Cyprus and a Master's  degree in Environmental Design from University College London.

After her graduation in 2014 she held an internship with the Cyprus Planning Department.

Constantina joined Panayides - Spinazzola Architects as project architect in 2015 and has been involved in numerous project designs and inspections, including the Radisson Blu and Indigo Hotels in Cyprus.

Registered member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber)


Irene Kleidara



Irene graduated in architecture with distinction from the University of Cyprus, in Nicosia in 2018. After a year of internships in Greece and Cyprus, she joined Panayides - Spinazzola Architects in 2019. As  project architect, Irene has been involved in a variety of residential, commercial and renovation projects.

Registered member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber)


Andri Anastasiou



Andri is a trained draftsperson and has joined Panayides - Spinazzola architects in 1992, soon after the founding of the office. Through her long experience, Andri has developed a high skill in architectural detailing and development.


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