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Hotel Indigo



2015 - 2020

Area:  1.880 sqm


Indigo hotel Larnaca, explores the dialogue between new and old, the harmonious inclusion of the listed historic units within a contemporary morphological concept.

The hotel is composed by the two traditional dwellings on the street front and the new five-storey structure that rises at a distance behind. The contemporary structure rises as an abstract backdrop to the historic cityscape by concealing its function with the employment of the colorful bi-folding paneling system.

The design intention is the accentuation of the historic elements of the neighborhood by their juxtaposition against an abstract contemporary insertion. 

The street-front historic units house the entrance and a bar. The new and the old parts of the hotel are separated by an internal courtyard, which functions as lounge, café and restaurant.

Within the new structure, there are 40 guestrooms distributed on four levels and public facilities at the ground level.

A rooftop pool and bar, top the building, with long views to the old town and the sea beyond.

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